What’s your pet peeve on Twitter?

twitter peevesHave you been tweeting long enough to have your own pet peeves on Twitter? That usually happens about Phase 6 in what seems to be a fairly predictable cycle in the transformation from Twitter newbie to devoted user. The phases seem to go something like this:

Phase 1. Not understanding what all the fuss is about over Twitter.

Phase 2: Deciding to give it a try, but often in a limited way, like “I’ll do it just for one month.”

Phase 3: Following a whole bunch of people, in hopes that they’ll follow you back and shoot your follower numbers through the roof.

Phase 4: Pruning your list of follows, when you realize you’re following a ridiculous number of people you’ve never heard of and couldn’t care less about.

Phase 5: Deciding that Twitter really is pretty cool, and trying to talk everybody you know into joining.

Phase 6: Developing into such a Twitter veteran that you can name at least one Tweeting practice that annoys you every time you see it.

What bugs you? The auto reply to a new follow that includes a sales message? An update post that promises zillions of followers in 24 hours? Maybe it’s people who post links that don’t work. (I’ve done that one myself, I think.) Or people who send out ten updates in a row so your entire computer screen is filled with multiple versions of that person’s face. There are people who are tormented by the inspirational quotes tweeted daily by some. Others seem to appreciate those.

An update on what someone had for breakfast is cause for an unfollow to some. Endless tweets of chest-beating and self-promotion turn the stomachs of others.

Post a comment below to share your opinion. What sort of tweet drives you crazy?


14 responses to “What’s your pet peeve on Twitter?

  1. I unfollow anyone who posts “Do NOT Pay For Teeth Whitening!!! Learn the trick discovered by a mom to turn yellow teeth white for $5.” After seeing that message word-for-word a thousand times, I’ll block anyone who says it.

  2. the spam followers

  3. Yes, the Teeth Whitening- what is up with that- I read in one of those helpful hint books that you could use Strawberry Seeds to make your teeth white-but you have to eat alot of strawberries.
    Another one I’m going very tired of seeing- is those Affiliate Program request-
    I could go on but I would like to give everyone a chance….
    I’ve been on Twitter @ least a year- & they can’t even grandfather me into the “find people” search–not fair-
    Look me up http://www.twitter.com/vjhoneycut

  4. The influx of “cam girl” aka porn followers.

  5. I hate and unfollow anyone promoting Trump program. It’s spam and rips off people

  6. I agree with the White Teeth comment. I will also unfollow anyone who tweets that stuff. And an unfollow is quickly coming to anyone I see tweeting their Twittascope! I am not interested IN THE LEAST in their horoscopes! Why would I be?! Stupid idea.

  7. (1) Stutter-tweeters. Ttttt ttww twwww tweee eetttt…..
    I agree that 140 characters isn’t much. Just like the size of space shuttles being determined by the width of Roman’s cowpaths, we’re stuck with 140 characters due to the 160 character text message length, and twitter in turn is redefining many other innovations.
    That said, you have 140 characters. Give me a good teaser and a link. Don’t break up a blog post into 42 tweets and send it out piecemeal.

    (2) People who don’t understand that @ is a stage whisper. Do all your followers need to know you and one person are trying to meet up the next time you’re both in NY?

  8. my pet peeves are few & many. thats because i can be quirky but im mature enough 2 realize that each is to their own. even if i dont want to see what u ate i can apprechiate the fact that you felt it was important enough to you to share with me. but there are a few things im not too happy about:

    1. SPAM: i use a fone 99% of the time so it’s a pain in the neck to have to delete spambots as well as those who follow more than any human could possibly give any quality attention to. i hate spam on hashtags too. why would i buy something from someone who acts like they have neither care nor clue as to what people are doing there in the 1st place? word search followbots strike me in the same way because they’re totally irrelevant.

    2. Unusable APPS: Twitter began as a simple mobile messaging service for people who wanted to stay in touch. it’s expanded quite a bit since then into several communicative dimensions. but why dont the subsequent apps work on my smartfone? I usually find a way to shop smart & get a good legal deal. the fone im happily thumb-typing away at would cost about $300 if i walked into a store or just plucked it from my carrier w/o taking it down the byways of wheels & deals. but 99% of the apps ppl link to on twitter wont work on it! why cant these genius geeks come up with something i dont have to buy a new fone for? is there a law on twitter that says thou shall not make videos & music available for simple folks with simple smartfones?

    there. i said it. i hope i didnt annoy u with my pet baby elephant in the room. it may be YOUR pet peeve, but as far as im concerned, THAT baby is trumps.

  9. Ticks me off and a sure way for me to unfollow you:

    Every Other Tweet is an infomercial for the same thing, like we forgot what you posted 3 minutes earlier!

    Post a days worth of updates in 3 minutes

    Continued irrelevant information

    Anyone who thinks that I must follow you just because you follow me. I may not have an interest in posts about Moms working from home! Duh! Common sense!

    Anyone who follows more than a handful of people is more into numbers than content! Numbers of followers is the key to successful tweeting, not how many you can follow.

  10. This is a great article! Loved it. My own personal pet peeve is when people type in all caps. eeww! It makes it seem like they are screaming at me. It’s definitely a turn off.

  11. My “pet peeve” is people who will not respond to your tweets. Seems like they are here only to promote themselves, and could care less about anyone else.

    Before I follow anyone, I look to see if they have been replying to those that have took the time to tweet them. If I see no relpies, then I don’t follow them and in most cases block them from following me.

  12. First my personal disclaimer, during phase 3 I signed up for the stupid horoscopes and have no idea how to stop them! If you do tweet me (@elibbagate).
    Ok a quick list of peeves:
    1) porn girls following me
    2) all CAPS tweets
    3)Tweeters that don’t get it (ie politicians, business, etc) Their tweets are just ads or mini press releases…not interested, would rather know what you ate for lunch.
    4) People following me that have never tweeted
    5) People who post 50 times in a row, like a whole conversation that takes up my whole page
    6) Spammers that send the same message over and over (usually to a celeb)
    7) The auto messages from quizzes or “gifts”
    8) Bot replies…although some are funny

    Someone should make a video like they did for the things I hate about facebook.

  13. Agreed with the article and all the above comments.

    Pet peeve is the people who post those Fun140/LOLPOLL quizzes at a rate of 20 in an hour.

    People whose responses consist of “@username LOL!” , or otherwise really obscure stuff that i need a long time to figure out which of my tweets are they referring to.

    Two words: Shelly Ryan


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