Small Business Strategies: Set up a Google profile so people can find you online

woman laptopEver Googled yourself? It’s a good idea, just to see what people will find when they Google your name. Not to mention seeing how many other people share your good name.

An even better idea is to set up a Google profile. This gives you some control over what people will see when they check you out online. Generally, this profile will show up on the first page of results when your name is Googled.

It’s easy to do. It won’t cost you anything, and you can set it up in five minutes or less. Go to and fill out the blanks. If you don’t want to answer some of the questions — and there will probably be some you won’t —  just skip them. (For instance, I opted not to fill in the blank to list my superpower.)  

You can upload your headshot. That’s a particularly good idea if you have a common name. You can also add a link to your common website. Or your blog page. You can link back to your profile from your email signature. You can even add entire albums of photos, if you want.

Go ahead and do it right now. If you decide later you want to change some of the information, or add more info, that’s easy to do. Nothing’s written in stone.

People will find information about you online, whether you put it out there or not. This way, you get to have a voice in the conversation.


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