Small Business Strategies: Six tips for improving your wellness

girl yoga treeAnyone who runs his or her own business knows wellness can be the trickiest part of the life-balance equation. With your quirky hours and the nearly endless demands of your company, it’s tough to fit in the things you know are good for you. Sometimes the easiest way to feel healthy and energized rather than exhausted and out of shape is to tune in to that inner voice when you’re making choices regarding wellness. My trick for that is to ask myself one simple question:

Is it a Hell Yes? If not, then it’s a Hell No. Here are six tips for better wellness through the Hell Yes principle:

1. Try the Hell No diet.  Here’s how it works. You can eat anything you want. But five times a week, say Hell No to something fried or refined that you’d ordinarily eat. If you usually have chips with your sandwich, skip them one day. Your assistant brings doughnuts to the office every Monday? Pass them by this week. Reaching for your afternoon soda? Skip it, just this once. Over the course of the week, those five omissions will add up to a serious caloric reduction, and have saved you a bunch of sugar and fat grams as well.

Note: It doesn’t count if you skip something you wouldn’t ordinarily have eaten. For instance, you can’t just drive by the ice cream store and say Hell No to a banana split, if a banana split isn’t something you’ve even considered having in years.

2. Listen for your inner Hell Yes, when you’re tempted to skip exercise. Is being fit a true Hell Yes for you? If it’s really a priority in your life, then listen for the inner wisdom to remind you of that, on those days when you’re tempted to flop down on the couch instead of suiting up for your workout.

3. Sometimes it’s best to say Hell No to a workout. When you don’t feel like exercise, listen closely to which voice is doing the whining. If it’s the part of you that would just rather flip through a catalog munching crackers at the kitchen counter, remind yourself that fitness is a Hell Yes in your life and head to the gym. But if you’re sick or injured or just plain exhausted, your gut may be telling you it’s a good day to rest. Listen to that voice.

4. Say Hell No to your personal vices. You know what they are. Do you sneak a cigarette when you’re out with friends? Overdo it on sugary things? Drink a little too much caffeine? Or wine? The Hell Yes principle is a fast way to tune in to your intuitive knowledge. Ask yourself, and answer honestly: is this harmful to me?

5. Say Hell No to too little sleep. Do you wake up every morning feeling fresh and ready to go? I didn’t think so. Most of us don’t get quite enough sleep, even though we know we do a better job running our companies when we do. Keep in mind that sleep is when the body does some of its most important repair, and that a good night’s sleep helps reduce stress – and might even make you look younger. Whatever’s stopping you from getting to bed on time, learn to say Hell No and cut out the light.

6. Say Hell Yes to the things that make you feel goodWhat are the things that make you feel well cared for and pampered? Is it a spa pedicure? A massage? Professional hair color? Acupuncture? A hot bath? A nap? Remind yourself that you’ll be better equipped to take care of business if you take care of yourself first.


3 responses to “Small Business Strategies: Six tips for improving your wellness

  1. I, too, am a woman and business owner. I enjoyed your blog. Balancing body, mind, spirit
    is so important to me – keeps me thinking positively about my business, energized for the next step in growth, helps me to continually reassess my direction and keeps me in tune with when it is time out for “me” time.

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  3. Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

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